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Evaluation of benchmarking strategies 

COVID's impact on the project, fully affected this final phase of the project. Although it was only necessary to set up the implementation plans and evaluate the results, alternative ways were sought to build capacity at a distance and to help the sustainability of the project through coaching and peer-to-peer training.

In this approach, two solutions for working at a distance were provided in order to achieve the project's final objectives:
(a) On the one hand, to share knowledge and successful experiences from the collection of good practices of the partners in implementing QA in their institutions (5.1.2) and to serve as an inspiration for the implementation of QA in other HEIs.
(b) On the other hand, the final phase of the project was reconfigured in a distance learning format (5.2) in order to achieve three main outcomes

  1. To review and refine the implementation plans designed by each centre;

  2. To focus on the implementation of at least one strand of the implementation plan, in order to have the experience of how to deploy other strands of the implementation strategy;

  3. Build capacity of Indian partners to be able to deploy, in the future, all the lines defined in the implementation plan, as well as to know how to make the necessary corrections and adaptations. This point is particularly important for the sustainability of the project.

Coaching Scheme.png
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