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Dissemination conference in Pune

Pune. March 5th, 6th and 7th 2020

At the 4th International Conference organised by Symbiosis together with the Indian Association of Universities, under the title: "Transcending National Boundaries. Diversity & Inclusion: Critical for Effective Internationalisation", there was a pre-conference on 5th March where the members of the EQUAMBI project were invited to speak on "Facilitating Quality Management in Higher Education Institutes through Partnerships".

On the following two days of the conference, several members of the EQUAMBI project attended the conference and had the opportunity to discuss different aspects of the conference and to raise awareness of the project among the attendees from different regions, using the event as a platform for dissemination of EU-India cooperation in the field of Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions.

Documents & Presentations

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