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Final Conference

Bangalore & OnLine. July 8th and 9th 2021

The Final Dissemination Conference of the EQUAMBI project was held at the NAAC premises in Bangalore as an online event, due to the persistence of the COVID pandemic.  The conference lasted two days, with the first day offering a more institutional and general overview of the project, and the second day more in depth on the concrete achievements. All partners were actively involved in the dissemination of results and in the explanations of the different blocks of work carried out.

The event was open and free of charge and, although it was attended by international participants, a large part of the attendances (almost 150 people) came representing Indian Higher Education Institutions with an awareness of quality assurance and an interest in learning about the interesting tools that the project has made available for the integration of quality assurance in their institutions.


Documents & Presentations

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