Project Management Team Meetings

The Project Management Team is composed by UB, ANECA, NAAC and Symbiosis. The representatives of these institutions have been in permanent contact since the beginning of the project. 

The PMT has met on different occasions to follow the progress of the project.

Brussels. January 26h - 30th 2018

This meeting took place on January 29-30 2018 at the Management Centre Europe in Brussels.

The workshop sessions were devoted to financial issues and also a helddesk were carried out, where the partners could have bilateral discussions with EACEA.

Bangalore, January 29th and 30th  2019

The management team met at Hilton Golf Park Bangalore in order to look through WP 1,2 and 3.  Furthermore, the MT planned the activities and outputs for 2 phase of the Project.  During the second day of the event, PMT meet with NAAC director and afterwards there were discussions over the mapping document. 

Bangalore. September 26th and 27th 2019

During the last week of September, the EQUAM BI partnership met at NAAC to discuss the management and plan the activities of the project.  Indian Partners discussed together with the project coordinator the results of the study visits to europe and the plans to implement the equambi first outputs in their institutions.  Partners also discuss the agenda for the next multiplier effect workshop and partner meeting taking place at the Asian Institute lf Design in Bangalore 8.9 November.