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Mutiplier effect Workshop in Pune

Pune. March 7th and 8th 2020

This second workshop on the multiplier effect of EQUAMBI was held in Pune. Due to the pandemic outbreak, two institutions from India (University of Mysore and Jadavpur University) and three from Europe (University of Rome-La Sapienza, University of Nicosia-Edex and University of Montpellier) were unable to travel to Pune. Thus, some of the work to be done could not be completed at the workshop.

Although the revision of the implementation plans could not be carried out for all Indian partners, it could be initiated for some partners present in Pune. At the workshop it was decided to establish a procedure to adapt the Toolkit following 6 points: quality policy objectives, strategies, procedures and activities, indicators, benchmark, and statistics and data used as evidence. It was also decided to create coaching pairs between the EU and Indian institutions to strengthen the capacity of Indian institutions in Quality Assurance Management.

A "Template of good practices of partner organisations in Internal Quality Assurance" was distributed at the meeting to recapitulate the good practices of the participating institutions. The "Toolkit for Internal Quality Assurance Management Processes in Indian Universities" was also distributed to the partners.

In order to keep all partners on the same page, it was decided to set up a teleconference within the following weeks to accelerate the review of the implementation plans and decide on the coaching process.

Documents & Presentations

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