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A set of benchmarking tools will be discussed in order to contribute to improvements in governance and leadership management, to accelerate institutional reform and to support policy makers and university leaders in taking strategic decisions, monitor progress, and use data to develop policies that encourage the use of good governance practices. The project will also encourage leaders to professionalize higher education management, establish networks of academic leaders, share best-practices, and develop strong partnership with EU partners. The project will also discuss the creation of HE community for improved regional cooperation between universities and governments of both India and EU.

Relevant documents on India QA 

First results

Preparatory documents for the implementation plans
Meeting in Pune - March 2020

Final Dissemination Conference



July , 8th-9th 2021

Organised by NAAC, Bengaluru, India, in an online format, this massive two-day event has invited hundreds of

Vice-Chancellors from Indian universities, as well as partners and stakeholders from the EU and India.

The conference will showcase the latest project results on the implementation of the strategies. But as dissemination event it also reviews the main milestones of the project as well as the sustainability plans.

EU Partners Videoconference

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Given the current international situation it is more appropriate not to hold face-to-face events, despite this, the EQUAM BI project does not stop. 

EQUAMBI EU parnters have had an online meeting to discuss the possibility to conduct activities online. 

A general partner meeting is scheduled for APRIL 6TH. 

Symbiosis Conference 2020




The fourth edition of our Annual Internationalisation of Higher Education Conference in collaboration with the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) on ‘‘Transcending National Boundaries- Diversity & Inclusion: Critical for Effective Internationalisation" from March 4-7, 2020 at SIU, Lavale Campus, Pune.

Dr. Bhama Venkataramani invitation to the conference


Dissemination conference




The EQUAM-BI project started the new decade by holding a dissemination conference in Barcelona.


This dissemination event was held by UB during the second week of January with the objective to present, promote and discuss the different benchmarking strategies of EU and Indian universities and different QA approaches in both regions.

Mutiplier effect workshop 

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-12 at



The Equam bi Mutiplier effect workshop was conducted in Bangalore. All partners had the chance to present and discuss together with non partner univeristies and other bangalore based actors, the main aspects of the project.  

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