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About the project

A set of benchmarking tools will be discussed in order to contribute to improvements in governance and leadership management, to accelerate institutional reform and to support policy makers and university leaders in taking strategic decisions, monitor progress, and use data to develop policies that encourage the use of good governance practices. The project will also encourage leaders to professionalize higher education management, establish networks of academic leaders, share best-practices, and develop strong partnership with EU partners. The project will also discuss the creation of HE community for improved regional cooperation between universities and governments of both India and EU.

Relevant documents on India QA: First results

News & Events

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During the last week of September, the EQUAM BI partnership met at NAAC to discuss the management and plan the activities of the project.  Indian Partners discussed together with the project coordinator the results of the study visits to europe and the plans to implement the equambi first outputs in their institutions.  


Meeting at NAAC


The study visit was held by the University of Valencia during June 13th and 14th 2019. 

Among many things, partners learnd about IVIE report on U-Ranking, and the AUDIT procedure of ANECA or Internal Quality Assurance Unit at the University of Valencia. 


Study Visit at Valencia


This visit to KTH headquarters in Stockholm took place on June 10th and 11th 2019. Duing this meeting, partners had the opportunity to learn about KTH Data management system. 

Partners also discussed on different topics, as online tools to handle Quality assurance. 


Study Visit at Stockholm


This meeting was held in Pune, at Symbiosis International facilities on March 7, 8 and 9 2019.

During this event, SIU presented a report on QAM, afterwards, NAAC and ANECA presented their respective observations on the findings of the study.  


Workshop at Symbiosis